GSoD Weekly Summary 2

Week 2 (21st Sept – 27th Sept, 2020)

OMG!!!! It’s already week 2…., you might find this blog a bit boring to read but it’s an adventure and success story so keep reading cause trust me it’s worth it…

Week 2 started, I will be really honest, I was still figuring out what to do and how , as suddenly I had to switch between the versions of GNOME, but soon I started working on Core applications mentioned on the Project documentation page.

The first application I started with was Boxes. It’s a little complex application but as I had already created a VM in it, I wanted to start working with it as the knowledge I used to create the VM was fresh in my mind so I started checking the Boxes documentation and trying out each feature physically with the help of existing help documentation. Wherever I noticed a change I noted it down and made changes in the GitLab repository accordingly.

Here’s a step by step account of what I did: 

  1. I started with the “Getting started” section of the help page which tells us about the initial steps we need to follow while using GNOME Boxes. 
    • While trying the tasks, I noticed some differences in the existing document and the actual application and noted it down.
    • After this, I forked the repository from the GNOME GitLab page and started making changes in my local system. 
    • I submitted my first merge request for the “Create a Box” page where I noticed a couple of changes as per the latest version. 
    • While submitting my MR I added a comment in the comment section to let my mentors and the Boxes maintainer know about my MR so that they can review it and merge it accordingly.
  1. The next task I tried was the “Connect to another computer” page which wasn’t as easy. 
    • I used my friends system as a remote system, which needed a proper setup which took quite a lot of time, after which I did little research on the different protocols, IP addresses and port numbers as it was needed to connect to the remote system.
    • After this, I tried to connect my computer with the remote computer but failed to do so. To understand the reason, I had to do further research but still couldn’t connect the system.
    • This is when I decided to take some help from my mentors. However, before I could send the email, the Boxes maintainer (Felipe Borges) “The Saviour” replied back on my merge request with a list of work. Here, I noticed that he mentioned that the “Connect to another computer” feature is no longer in use within Boxes and has been moved to another new app altogether called Connections. I felt pretty bad for a moment as I had invested quite a lot time working on it, but, at the same time the famous quote of Thomas Edison came to my mind which was:

      These words helped me to bounce back to work. It’s weird how these famous quotes can suddenly make sense and motivate you in different ways, isn’t it?
  1. When I got back to work I thought I would check the GitLab repository and remove the “Connect to another computer” page but I didn’t find the page as Felipe had already removed it. However, I could still see the page on my system (Fedora 33 beta), so I understood that my system was still not updated and as such, I simply ran  sudo dnf update -y  to update it.

So far, I have understood one thing, the journey is not going to be easy, there will be ups and downs and I have to keep myself motivated and keep working.

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