GSoD Weekly Summary 3

Week 3 (28th Sept – 4th Oct, 2020)

Week 3 started and I got my first PR reviewed by Andre Klapper and Shaun (my mentor). They suggested some changes in the PR so the very first thing I did was made the changes which they suggested and resubmitted it. Phew… job done….

After re-submitting the PR Felipe Borges reviewed it again and suggested some changes, I know I know it’s like working on the same PR again and again but yeah that’s what I did as the work needed to be perfect for GNOME. Quality of work matters and I loved it as if you learn to do a perfect job at the start of your career that starts becoming a habit, a good one obviously.

So, I did the changes again and submitted it and here comes the good news, that one got merged.. Yeeee achievement unlocked, now I am on the mission to get the rest Boxes app documentation up-to-date.

I started working on my next PR, but before that, when Felipe told me about all the issues which need attention, I updated all of them into the issue which I created and added all the things he mentioned and then I picked the tasks one by one. The second task I finished was “Remove the Share Clipboard option” for which I made the changes directly using the GitLab UI and submitted my PR which immediately got merged, as I did the right changes.

Later, I managed to work on one more PR which was “Update the User Interface page“ where I “Remove the Share Clipboard switch reference from the General tab section” of User interface page and also “Added an entry about the 3D Acceleration switch to the General tab section” of the same page. Which also got merged immediately. And that’s how the week went. 

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