GSoD Weekly Summary 4

Week 4 (5th Oct – 11th Oct, 2020)×400.jpg

As I updated Boxes, to keep moving forward, I decided to start working on the next core project which is Calculator. Easy one isn’t it? Don’t have to download anything, no support needed just open the app and work on it. Easy peasy..

So I started looking at the documentation. I started with the user interface help pages first in it. There were 4 different documents which I identified as the ones that needed some work.

The first one was “Using the History view” which was pretty straight forward. Reading through it but there were few things which I didn’t like. The first was the formatting of the page – it was good but not attractive – that’s what I felt at least. So I decided to change that.

There were options which were mentioned in the history mode, as per which, I should be able to navigate using the arrow keys on the keyboard. But when I tried to use it, it didn’t work. That’s it! I got my next task, which was to “Remove obsolete keyboard instructions”; “Improve paragraph layout format”.

I Immediately started working on the fixes and sent my first set of merge requests for Calculator. First contributions to Calculator. Wow!! that was easy.. uh.. wasn’t it?

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