GSoD Weekly Summary 5

Week 5 (12th Oct – 18th Oct, 2020)

Before starting this week, I created an issue mentioning all the issues that I found and started completing them one by one while I kept adding new ones when required. So now the second task was to look again for the next issue which I found under “Using the Keyboard” there was a link missing which I added in the documentation.

After this, the next task was to fix the subscript and superscript page style and add a link to it too. These changes I included with my previous PR.

After submitting it, my supervisor contacted me and asked me if I am comfortable writing the documentation for new features in the calculator, to which the reply was very obvious, YESSSS !!!! By now I have become very comfortable with the entire workflow – Mallard and technical writing . So, he asked me to create the new pages and add the link of that to existing pages. That’s gonna be my next task now..

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