GSoD Weekly Summary 2

Week 2 (21st Sept – 27th Sept, 2020) OMG!!!! It’s already week 2…., you might find this blog a bit boring to read but it’s an adventure and success story so keep reading cause trust me it’s worth it… Week 2 started, I will be really honest, I was still figuring out what to doContinue reading “GSoD Weekly Summary 2”

GSoD Weekly Summary 1

Week 1 (14th Sept – 20th Sept, 2020): Wanna know about what happened next in my Season of Docs Journey? How and what did I do in week one? Well then, keep reading…  The Doc development phase finally and officially began on 14th September 2020. To get started with the development work, I decided toContinue reading “GSoD Weekly Summary 1”

GSoD 2020: Community Bonding Period

What is the Community Bonding Period? The Season of Docs website defines this period as: The period of time between when accepted students are announced and the time these students are expected to start understanding the work and start documentation. This time is an excellent one to introduce students to the community, get them onContinue reading “GSoD 2020: Community Bonding Period”

Moment of Truth: Google Season of Docs for 2020 selected participants announced!

16th August 2020 is going to be my favorite day now onwards. You know why? Because on this day after a nerve-wracking long wait, at 11:00 PM the Google Season of Docs selected participants list was announced. I was pretty nervous and kept praying as I desperately wanted this. At 11:01 PM, just before IContinue reading “Moment of Truth: Google Season of Docs for 2020 selected participants announced!”

Ever heard about a program that encourages technical writers to contribute to open source documentation?

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">Google launched its pilot program for <strong>Season of Docs (GSoD)</strong> around April 2020. I came to know about the GSoD through a friend and I really got excited about it because it is the first-ever program that brings open source to the world of tech writing. Google launched its pilot program for Season ofContinue reading “Ever heard about a program that encourages technical writers to contribute to open source documentation?”

Taking my Google Season of Docs contributions further…

What is the next step after your first contribution?  Generally it is suggested  to go with a minimum of 2 and maximum 3 projects to start work with when planning your participation with a program like Google Season of Docs. However, I felt that it’s reasonable to focus on only one project during the applicationContinue reading “Taking my Google Season of Docs contributions further…”

Google Season of Docs 2020

Making your first contribution to Open Source? Finding it hard to find out where to start from? What steps to follow for your first contribution?  Here is the story of my journey towards learning and making my first contribution to technical documentation for GSoD. How I learnt about GSoD I learnt about GSoD through aContinue reading “Google Season of Docs 2020”

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