GSoD Project Report

Update GNOME Applications Help Documentation (Update App help)  Technical Writer –  Pranali Deshmukh Project Mentor – Shaun McCance Important Links My Website  GitLab Profile  Link of my CV Link of my GSoD Proposal My Blog Posts about GSoD My Contributions List Project description Review and update the help documentation for a number of GNOME applicationsContinue reading “GSoD Project Report”

GSoD Weekly Summary 9 and 10

Week 9 (9th Nov – 22nd Nov, 2020) This week was mostly all about finishing a task that I had taken up earlier during the last couple of weeks, which was about GNOME Calculator’s Operational modes. So, this week, I thought that rather than taking on a completely new task I should finish this oneContinue reading “GSoD Weekly Summary 9 and 10”

GSoD Weekly Summary 6

Week 6 (19th Oct – 25th Oct, 2020) Over the last few weeks, time seems to be passing by quite fast. I had so many plans for my work, but I feel I am still behind. Technical writing is clearly not as easy as it sounds, it’s a lot more than just writing and thisContinue reading “GSoD Weekly Summary 6”

GSoD Weekly Summary 5

Week 5 (12th Oct – 18th Oct, 2020) Before starting this week, I created an issue mentioning all the issues that I found and started completing them one by one while I kept adding new ones when required. So now the second task was to look again for the next issue which I found under “UsingContinue reading “GSoD Weekly Summary 5”

GSoD Weekly Summary 4

Week 4 (5th Oct – 11th Oct, 2020) As I updated Boxes, to keep moving forward, I decided to start working on the next core project which is Calculator. Easy one isn’t it? Don’t have to download anything, no support needed just open the app and work on it. Easy peasy.. So I started lookingContinue reading “GSoD Weekly Summary 4”

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