GSoD Weekly Summary 9 and 10

Week 9 (9th Nov – 22nd Nov, 2020) This week was mostly all about finishing a task that I had taken up earlier during the last couple of weeks, which was about GNOME Calculator’s Operational modes. So, this week, I thought that rather than taking on a completely new task I should finish this oneContinue reading “GSoD Weekly Summary 9 and 10”

GSoD Weekly Summary 8

Week 8 (2nd Nov – 8th Nov, 2020) By the end of last week I had curated a list of the issues for GNOME contacts ready on which I need to work on. I also created an issue for that in the user-docs section on GitLab. Creating an issue and then working on it isContinue reading “GSoD Weekly Summary 8”

GSoD Weekly Summary 7

Week 7 (26th Oct – 1st Nov, 2020) This week I finally started working on the documentation for another application: GNOME contacts. It is another core GNOME application, and the next application in my list as per the list posted on the GNOME App Help Tasks Wiki. I started by looking for potential issues inContinue reading “GSoD Weekly Summary 7”

GSoD Weekly Summary 6

Week 6 (19th Oct – 25th Oct, 2020) Over the last few weeks, time seems to be passing by quite fast. I had so many plans for my work, but I feel I am still behind. Technical writing is clearly not as easy as it sounds, it’s a lot more than just writing and thisContinue reading “GSoD Weekly Summary 6”


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