GSoD Weekly Summary 8

Week 8 (2nd Nov – 8th Nov, 2020)

By the end of last week I had curated a list of the issues for GNOME contacts ready on which I need to work on. I also created an issue for that in the user-docs section on GitLab. Creating an issue and then working on it is a good practice as you can then reference all the Merge Requests you work on under the same issue. This allows not only the supervisor, but also everyone who is working on documentation for GNOME to get a clear idea about what you are working on and what is the next task you would be working on. Once you finish the task, you can mark it as “Done” and get started with the next one.

So, when I finished working on my first issue last week I marked it “Done” and started working on the next one. I started with “Starting Contacts for the first time”  where there were few changes like, earlier the edit option was under the edit option but now it is an individual option available under “View more” – this needed to be changed. Also the icon of “View more” was missing and I thought it might be a little hard for a person who is completely new to GNOME Contacts to find the “View more” button and if I add an icon to it, it will be a lot more easier. So, I did that and some more changes as per the recent updates and sent the Merge request. Easy peasy.

Similarly I made changes in the “Connect with your contact” and  “Edit contact details” pages and submitted the merge request. And with all this I managed to finish GNOME contacts. It was very quick to be honest. Another core application finished! 🙂

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