GSoD Weekly Summary 7

Week 7 (26th Oct – 1st Nov, 2020)

This week I finally started working on the documentation for another application: GNOME contacts. It is another core GNOME application, and the next application in my list as per the list posted on the GNOME App Help Tasks Wiki.

I started by looking for potential issues in the contacts app. I found some styling issues, some potential changes in the application guide and some grammatical mistakes which I noted down for personal reference. 

Around this time, I found out that the stable version of Fedora 33 is officially out, which comes with GNOME 3.38 by default. So, rather than using Boxes every time, I thought it’s better if I got the latest version of the OS installed. As such, I took backup of all my data and installed Fedora 33. Since I have done this plenty of times recently, it was easy for me to install it this time – I feel like I am getting better at this. Oh well, I guess that’s why the saying goes: “Practice makes perfect”

Well, this is actually quite a big change for me – a girl who used to think twice before installing even a simple app is now able to install an entire OS without blinking twice! Being a computer science student it definitely is funny but, then again until and unless you try it, you don’t get the confidence.

After installing the Fedora 33, I started working on my merge request. I could only send one this week as I spent most of my week working the calculator modes and installing Fedora 33.

In my merge request I worked on the contacts-add-remove page where I added some essential links and also worked on the styling of the page. Along with this, there were some help guides which were outdated which I removed and added some new steps to add the contact section.

Once I submitted the changes, my merge request got an immediate review by Andre Klapper, who asked me to change quite a few things in it. He pointed out some minor mistakes that I had made. So I fixed them and sent the MR back to him to review.

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